About Me

Hi, I'm Michael Lee and I am based in San Francisco, CA. I'm currently a senior product designer at Findem. I'm the founder of Rice Cakes Media. I teach product design classes at Academy of Art University. I also work on projects at Soup.
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Design Background

I have experience working as a designer focused on software in various company sizes. I've worked at startups, mid-sized and large companies. I have worked as the only designer on a product team as well as working with many other designers and I am comfortable working within either design team structure.

How I Work

I can work on any stage of the design process. I have experience working on adding features to existing products and also launching end to end product experiences from the ideation stage. I have experience coming up with business and product goals, leading research initiatives, designing based off business and product goals, building hi-fidelity prototypes and iterating at each stage. I like to collaborate with others but I can also handle the design process alone if needed.

I like to work by sketching out ideas (paper and pen, Procreate), designing hi-fidelity designs (Figma), and building hi-fidelity prototypes (Flinto, Protopie).

I can also build websites with some front-end knowledge as well as using tools like Webflow to launch websites.


I enjoy writing about topics related to design. I recently wrote an article about how designers can help organizations positively change through efforts other than their design work. You can read that here.

Speaking and Workshops

I have experience speaking, hosting and running workshops about various design topics. Please reach out to me if you need someone to speak or run a workshop. Some past events that I enjoyed was speaking at Eastside College Preparatory School with Michael Ishigaki and Josh To, running CreativeIQ workshops with Aaron Lawrence and hosting a Flinto meetup with Aaron Lawrence, Nathan Manousos and others.