A GIF of an animation in the style of a hand drawn animation where it quickly goes through designing a sketch of a user interface with colors flashing.

Hi, my name is Michael Lee and I'm currently a lead product designer at Knoetic.

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Designing AI Products

I'm currently leading design on various AI products at Knoetic. I'm also a design manager passionate about mentorship.Learn About Knoetic

Teaching Product Design

I currently teach graduate level design courses at AAU with a design curriculum I built. I find many design curriculum's outdated and don't focus on the most relevant topics. My courses focus on taking ideas and designing it out 0 to 1 with a focus on strong visual design and hi-fidelity prototyping. Learn About AAU

Side Projects

I enjoy exploring ideas. Often times these ideas as a whole might not be something that can be implemented but within these ideas there are learnings to pull from and implement into products that can be shipped. View Side Projects


I enjoy writing about topics related to design and technology.Read My Writing